Tips to make a rental house a home

Tips to make a rental house a home Emmas Properties Estate Agents Birmingham

With rising property costs making that initial foot on the ladder challenging for some, rental properties are increasingly popular, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to renting, one of the most frustrating elements can be feeling a lack of control over the decoration of the property, with some still feeling like they are living in someone else’s home.

So, how can you make your rented house feel like a home without upsetting the landlord and losing your deposit, or spending money you won’t see again? From adding a splash of colour, to showing off your artistic side, we’ve put together our top tips to make a rental house a home, making your rented property feel more like yours, without leaving a dent in your deposit.

Fill with furniture

If your property is unfurnished one of the easiest and simplest ways to make it your own is to fill it with furniture which can really make a house a home as it will give the property your own personal touch.

Picking out and coordinating soft furnishings is a simple way to update the living space in your rented property – and you will be able to take them with you to your next home, too. Adding cushions, rugs and new curtains can instantly change the aesthetic of a room, yet they are effortless to install and affordable as well, as most high street stores now have their own reasonably priced homeware ranges. Don’t forget the mirrors too! Mirrors add a great touch to any room as they open up space and light and give the room an appealing aesthetic look.


In some cases, when letting, some landlords don’t like you do decorate, but if you’re lucky enough to have a landlord that understands the meaning of making a house a home you can decorate to your liking as long as they agree before hand.

A splash of paint can enhance a room and give it life and the option of adding a feature wall can really bring a room together. If wallpaper isn’t an option for you there is a new, rent friendly, sticky back wallpaper that you can easily peal off once you are ready to move onto your next adventure. Although removable wallpaper is expensive compared to wall stickers, it is a more impacting and renter-friendly way to update a space without permanently changing a rooms design.


Nothing can quite change the ambiance of house like well thought out lighting solutions. The type of lighting you use can have a big impact on a rooms atmosphere and the design can change the way a room feels in an instant. Changing the lighting is an inexpensive way to make a room feel warm and friendly, but it doesn’t always mean lightbulbs or lampshades, you can also put light coloured blinds or curtains up. A floor lamp is not always cheap, but a good one can be transforming of any room, and a worthwhile investment in the long run. Light shades are also cheap and easy to change, and be a great way to pull the whole room together by having them match your soft furnishings. Table lamps are a small way to get the same effect, again offering minimal investment and the opportunity to move on with you.

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