Inspiring ideas for your spare room

Inspiring ideas for your spare room Emmas Properties Estate Agents Birmingham

If you are fortunate enough to have a spare room in the house, this article may just help you to clear out the junk and start utilising it to it’s full advantage! There are so many options for a spare room, from a place you can take up your hobby to a home office. With space being premium on most families wish list, we discuss inspiring ideas for your spare room, which after a small amount of work, will have you wondering how you ever managed without this new area!

Work/Study Area

If you tend to work from home relatively often, you might want to use your extra room as a home office. You can then focus on your work without distractions, and everything you need is in one place. If children need an escape to concentrate on school work this could also be a shared space. Who didn’t wish for a designated space during lockdown?

Inspiring ideas for your spare room home office Emmas Properties Estate Agents Birmingham

Hobby Room

Turn your spare room into the ultimate hobby room. It could be the mini escape where you surround yourself with your gaming or music passions. Maybe you are a crafter? Having your own little haven to create and inspire is good for the soul and also the rest of the family if your hobby is noisy or messy!

Dressing Room

Is your shoe obsession getting out of hand? Do your clothes burst out of the wardrobe? For all you fashionistas, this is the ultimate dream! Think Carrie Bradshaw style, with an old fashioned dressing table and walk in shoe closet….it doesn’t get much better!

Cinema Room

Another great idea for a spare room, although a bit higher budget, is to create a home theatre. Large screen TV, surround sound, comfortable couches or loungers, the works, offering complete comfort and a great place to curl up and watch a good movie.

Inspiring ideas for your spare room cinema room Emmas Properties Estate Agents Birmingham

Kids Play Area

You can really keep all their toys organised, and create a big space with room for them to play and be active in, without worrying about the mess. At the end of the day, just shut the door and retreat into your nice, tidy adult house!

Home Gym

Whatever your workout of choice, your spare room is a good place to burn some calories if you build a home gym. We are more likely to exercise if we don’t have to leave the house and most will have room for a treadmill or bike with some free weights. Add a television/music and there really is no excuse!

Guest Room

If you do still have some guests that come visit your home regularly, you might be more inclined to keep your spare room as a guest bedroom. However, that doesn’t mean the room needs to be unusable for the rest of the time. You can add a study corner with a desk in a corner of the guest bedroom and keep things organised so that the room still useful even when there are no visitors.

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