How your garden can add value to your property

How your garden can add value to your property Emmas Properties

First impressions count for a lot with most things and this is especially true when it comes to selling a property. We often make our minds up and feel positive vibes based on our first look and much like a poorly maintained interior, a messy and unattractive garden can be an immediate put-off and therefore can create a reason for the purchaser to barter on price, or consider another property. Whilst no one is recommending hiring a professional landscaper, there are a few simple tips on how your garden can add value to your property and improve it’s kerb appeal.

Basic tidy up

Simple but effective, a basic tidy up of the garden can work wonders. Considering getting rid of all leaves and debris is a good starting point so do a daily inspection and sweep up anything you find. If your home is prone to having litter from the street blowing in to the front, then keeping on top of this daily will help. Putting away all children’s toys at the end of the day is worth doing as often people will drive around to view the area and get a feel of surroundings before viewing.

Secure the garden

Safety is of upmost importance for families with pets and children. Viewers will want to see a garden that is fully secured and investing in secure fencing, walls or gates is a must. This can be achieved by a roll of inexpensive chicken wire or a pre-fabricated wooden lattice panel. Framed trellis panels that are often used as tall supports for climbing vines make great fences when placed longways around a garden and supported with posts.

Style the garden

Much like styling the inside of your home with dining table and chairs etc to show the full potential of the relevant rooms, doing the same with garden furniture is equally important. If the family viewing can visualise themselves relaxing in your garden, then they will feel positive about your property. A simple garden furniture set will achieve this.

Add colour

Adding pot plants with colour and a good mowed lawn will add value to your property. Introducing colour and charm with hanging baskets is a relatively cheap but effective way to brighten up your garden and add bursts of feel good colour.


If you have a shed make sure it is neat and tidy, with doors and locks working and woodwork painted/treated. With a greenhouse, even if you don’t use it, you do need to be sure there is no broken glass and it looks safe. Making sure the refuse bins are tidy and clean is advisable and if possible an enclosed area hiding the bins will add appeal.

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