Moving home checklist

Moving home check list Emmas Properties

So you’ve finally found your dream home, your mortgage is in place and contracts are about to be exchanged! After possibly months or in some cases even longer, the realisation of owning your own house is in sight and it’s now just a simple case of moving in.  But there may be a few things in all the excitement that you’ve not accounted for, so our simple moving home checklist may help you find some calm amongst the chaos of moving.

Contact your utility suppliers

Let all of your utility suppliers know that you’re planning to move out – electricity, gas, phone and broadband suppliers will all need to know when you’re leaving the property. Chances are, you’ll be moving your phone and broadband across to your new property so try and give your supplier as much notice as possible, as moving service may take several weeks.


Now is the perfect time to tackle this job that you may of been putting off for years! Take time to search through belongings that you no longer need-its much easier to move into a new home with less junk but please consider local charities before you bin-they would love your donations of clothes and furniture.

Redirection of mail

Get your mail re-directed to your new address by Royal Mail to protect your personal information from identity theft. You’ll also make sure you don’t miss any important mail if you haven’t managed to transfer everything over to your new address by the time you move. You can set up your redirect in advance of your moving day. You can put it in place for as long as you wish, but 6-12 months is usually enough time.

Driving License update

Another important one on our moving home checklist that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s a legal requirement to change your address on your license. It doesn’t cost anything to change the address on your driving licence, but you could be fined if you don’t update your details.

Car insurance

It’s imperative you do this as soon as you move house – otherwise it can invalidate your insurance. And should the worst happen, and you have to make a claim, your provider can refuse to pay out. Insurers usually charge an admin fee when changing addresses, and it can result in a higher – or lower – premium due to the change in postcode and parking situation.

Take final meter readings

Moving day is a hectic time, but don’t forget to take care of just a few gas and electricity details while you’re loading your boxes. Take a final meter reading on your last day in the property and Inform your supplier of this reading, keeping the readings for your own records to compare against your final bill. Once you have moved remember to the same the other end to ensure an accurate first bill and ensure you are not accountable for any usage that is not yours.

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